giovedì 29 aprile 2010

Spring 2010 "Romina"

"Romina" looking very ready for the Spring Vacation, a white floor length skirt in "pizzo sangallo" with a white belted 1/2 sleeve over shirt open to her tummy. The detailing on the sleeves is brown as are the frames of the sunglasses. Sporting a classic wide in crock brown leather belt with a brass circle loop clasp, this outfit also includes a lot of brass colored bangles and matching hoop earrings and a wide brass jewel studded choker.
In crock brown also the boots.
A sexy demure number.

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Spring 2010 "Claudia"

Black and White! Sexy. Cute. All of the above! Ask for "Claudia" from DDStyle a pair of classy white satin hip hugging shorts and a incredible black open 1/2 slevve,2 buckle closure jacket with a distinctive metallic layer effect. Featuring box shoulders with tight sleeves and a open wide collar. The detailing is incredible. The jewelry includes a wide serpentine necklace choker and a arm full of mix metal bangles and black onyx bracelets.
A pair of black calf high buckled boots and sunglasses are also included.
Very daring and baring.


Spring 2010 "Renata"

"Renata" a white floor length skirt in "pizzo sangallo" with a long sleeve denim shirt with 4 pockets, 2 on he breast and 2 at the waist. A wide serpentine choker is included along with small hoop earrings
and a pair of white crock ankle boots.

Spring 2010 "Manuela"

Anyone is looking very ready to dance Latin style in this cute dress named "Manuela" a very stylish off the shoulders 1/2 sleeve white dress with pretty black and silver shorty corset. The matching metallic treatment is also on the sleeves. The dress is tight all the way down to the ankles with a puff of material at the knees, The matching little platform boots are a perfect addition along with drop earrings and a studded choker necklace. Very dramatic!

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venerdì 16 aprile 2010

Agtaope Carter Lane
. BeStyle District Agency . Owner & CEO.


Dadina Dosei

Spring 2010 Fashion Show
April the 16th at 1:00 PM SLT

DD Style is a tribute to femininity, for an aggressive woman, sure of herself but always sexy.
For the woman who knows what she wants … and always reaches her goal!
Every outfit wants to express the sensuality of the people who wears them.
The man who wears DD Style is a man with clear ideas, spontaneous and very very sexy and careful for the details.
He doesn’t love to be unnoticed and he’s not afraid to express what he feels.
For a passionate man, always sure of himself!

Dresses by sartorial craftsmanship, unique and eccentric clothes, real works of art ….
**DD Style ** The dream is now reality by the creator of dream the absolutly incredible Dadina Dosei !!

The top models for this show are : Elena Ewing, Nemi Mc Coy, Gamp Lane, Mimmi Boa, Salvo Waydelich and Tesan Lane.

The stage is an unique creation of the fabulous Creativedreams Zsun *ENFANT TERRIBLE*.

The music will be porvided by the unique Ellendir Khandr.

The photograpaher for this event is the stunnning CindyS Tatham.

The host for the show is our KarenMichelle Lane.

The show is organised by Agtaope Carter Lane in collaboration with Annemarie Perenti